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  • MRCS E-Course Extensive Course Library Support throughout the Course
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  • Extensive Course library support throughout the course
  • Enhanced features such as LMS and Mobile App Support
  • Exclusive Access to summaries, podcasts, Prep Videos, Question Bank, Flashcards and much more
  • Private study group Support (in app) throughout the course
  • Live Classes by our MRCS mentors on a scheduled basis


  • Extensive Course Library Support throughout the Course
  • Enhanced features such as LMS and Mobile App Support
  • Private study group Support (in app) throughout the course
  • High Quality clinical Videos to understand the clinical concepts
  • Live Classes by our MRCS mentors on a scheduled basis
MRCS E-Course

Everything to Know About MRCS Examination

The Membership of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons (MRCS) examination not only plays a crucial role in shaping the career of surgeons in the UK but also allows the trainees to become specialty surgeons, moving one step forward. Here we are looking into what the MRCS exam is, the candidate’s eligibility criteria, demand and scope, and lots more. We will also discuss the need for specific preparation techniques to get through the MRCS exam.
Clearing the MRCS exam provides the aspirants a golden opportunity to obtain membership among one of the four surgical colleges in UK and Ireland. For trainees, (following ISCP curriculum) provide authorization for higher specialty training. MRCS is designed to test the competence, knowledge and clinical expertise of every aspirant which is tested with two exams which are

  • 1. MRCS Part A – Written (Theory) Exam Format conducted Online across the world – Click the below link to know more about the candidate guidelineRead More
  • 2. MRCS Part B – OSCE Exam Format

Which analyses knowledge on the below aspects and skills

  • Anatomy and surgical pathology
  • Applied surgical science and critical care
  • Clinical and procedural skills
  • Communication skills

Click the below link to know more about the candidate guidelines
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The Membership of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons -MRCS is a two-step intercollegiate examination for the surgical trainees to become members of Royal Colleges of Surgeons (RCS) in the United Kingdom. It plays a crucial part in shaping the career of surgeons in the UK. It allows the surgical trainees to progress from a core trainee to a specialty trainee.

For the non-UK trainees, this exam is worth one’s time and hard work because MRCS is one of the most accepted surgical diplomas to establish your standard of surgical training globally. MRCS exams examine if the surgical trainee has the essential surgical knowledge and skills to become a safe general surgeon and whether he/she is eligible to become a specialist.

Demand & Scope of MRCS outside the UK

As mentioned before, MRCS is considered one of the globally accepted surgical diplomas. Hence, a surgeon with an MRCS diploma has higher chances of being recognized than the one who does not have. It opens up opportunities for surgeons to work and train in various other countries apart from the UK.

Eligibility Criteria for MRCS Exam

Any candidate with a primary medical qualification accepted by the General Medical Council of the United Kingdom is eligible to take the MRCS exam. (Eg: MBBS degree in India). The official website of the International Medical Education Directory gives the list of recognized primary medical qualifications of most countries.


Eligibility Application – Please refer the below link for more detailsRead More


Booking Your Application OnlineBookNow

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Exam pattern and Fees – MRCS Part A

As said earlier, MRCS Part A is a written exam that follows a multiple-choice question (MCQ) pattern. Part A is further divided into two parts -Morning and afternoon sessions. The total time allotted for both papers is five hours.

  • Paper 1: Applied Basic Science
  • Paper 2: Principles of Surgery in General

Two hours are allotted for the first paper, “Applied Basic Science,” while the second paper, “Principles of Surgery in General,” lasts for 3 hours. The papers cover the entire spectrum of general surgical topics and applied surgical knowledge.

The results of the Part A exam are based on the cumulative performance of both papers. Each paper has an individual passing grade which the candidate needs to meet. Then, an overall score also needs to be met for passing the first part of the MRCS exam, i.e., Part A.

Exam Fees – £ 550

MRCS E-Course

Exam pattern and Fees – MRCS Part B

MRCS Part B is an objective structured clinical exam which is consisting of 18 stations distributed as below,
Reading time for each station – 01 Minute
Station Duration – 09 Minutes
The stations will examine the following broad content areas:
Applied knowledge: consisting of anatomy, surgical pathology, applied surgical science and critical care.
Applied skills: consisting of communication skills in giving and receiving information, history taking and clinical & procedural skills.
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International MRCS Calendar 2023
Title Applications and fees due Exam date Exam Location
MRCS Part A 16 June 2023 12 September 2023 TBC
MRCS Part B Closed 8 – 19 July 2023 New Delhi
MRCS Part B TBC 2023 TBC September 2023 Kuala Lumpur
MRCS Part B 21 July 2023 7 – 22 October 2023 London & Glasgow
MRCS Part B 23 May 2023 2 – 11 November 2023 Cairo

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